About Us

RPM is an international project management services provider. We take projects from concept to completion, managing the process every step of the way.

Our core focus is to help clients minimize the risks inherent in the construction process. We accomplish this through a broad range of design and project management services that support our clients during every phase; from planning and design, to procurement and construction, to start-up and operation.

No project is too big or small for the RPM team. We have the experience, the expertise and management systems to proactively deliver the projects for our clients on time, within budget, and to quality.

Our approach to project management is simple. We work hard to manage with purpose and to maximize efficiencies. We create the right structure and organization and coordinate the team and their tasks. We are the guardians of design, cost and quality, whether it is for an iconic landmark or a highly cost effective property.


It is our job to lead the project and ensure all elements mesh in order to deliver upon your objectives. We lead from the front, using clear communication and motivation, helping to create a structured, positive environment in which every member of the project team can deliver their best. It is our job to care for our clients, from start to finish and long after the project completion.

Underpinning every aspect of our project management delivery is our commitment to generate maximum return for our client. This goes beyond delivering projects on time, to budget and to quality. It means we develop innovative solutions that add value, and at every step ask what can be done better and more effectively.



Our team of talented, experienced people understand the importance of your business objectives on any project size large or small.

They provide strong, independent advice backed by solutions tailored specifically to your project needs. Transparency, trust, integrity and teamwork are a given.  

For our clients we act as project managers, construction managers, cost managers, construction consultants, and any other role required to get the job done. Working closely with our community of trusted partners, we build sustainable, long-lasting and successful relationships with a number of firms, ranging from consultants to contractors, suppliers and sub-contractors. 

Our team has proven regional and international hands-on experience and direct access to the industry's leading consultants and service providers. We have close working relationships with some of the world's finest architects, engineers, contractors, international hotel operators and hospitality consultants required to deliver efficiently on time and in budget. 

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